Access to Health Insurance is the real issue.

I have to address an issue that has been a political pet peeve of mine for a while now: the health care crisis.

There isn’t a health care crisis in this country. We have the best health care system in the world. The problem with our health care isn’t that folks do not have access to health care–it is access to health insurance that is the problem, along with people stealing health care services.

If you live in the United States and you need medical attention, then you get it. An ER has to treat you whether you have insurance or not. Unfortunately, not everyone has medical insurance, so they have to pay their full bill. Unfortunately and for various reasons, some good and some not, many people simply do not pay their bills. Basically, they stole their health care.  

An issue that I have with private insurance companies is that they discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. Seriously, that should just not happen. It is discrimination and if an employer can’t discriminate against you for medical conditions, race, or gender, then an insurance company should not be allowed to either.

We need to figure out ways to lower the cost of medical care so that it is affordable for all. Haven’t you heard that when people steal something from the store that it causes the prices to go up in that store, because the store has to make up the difference. Well, the medical care industry has the same problem. People are stealing from hospitals and from doctors every day. Do you think that the ERs and doctors write that money off? No, they don’t. They pass it on to the people that are paying…the people with insurance. Unpaid services causes the services, fees, and insurance premiums to go up. It is a vicious cycle and it will not be corrected with a Government public option for health care. It will put private insurance companies out of business and then the Government public option will be crowded with folks that want health care, but want someone else to be responsible for it. Another point to consider is this, what is going to happen when the Government pays out more money for health care than they have coming in? They will start rationing out medical treatments and medications and raise taxes on everyone. Medicare and Medicaid already ration services. They don’t pay for certain procedures that they do not think are necessary and they don’t cover a lot of pharmaceuticals.

Our Government created Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. The Government runs the welfare programs. Social Security is going bankrupt. Medicare and Medicaid are in trouble. Our welfare system is widely abused. It doesn’t matter at this point which party is responsible for causing these programs to be a drain on our society. The problem is much greater than that.

We need real solutions. Not another Government run system that is going to fail and become another bankrupt Government program. We do not need to have higher taxes heaped upon us because the Government does not know how to manage another Government program.

Seriously, does it make sense to allow the Government to run our Health Care system?

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. –Albert Einstein.


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