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Mary Wollstonecraft is my hero; however, I am resigning my position as a feminist.

I understand wanting to be equal and that is why Mary Wollstonecraft is one of my all time favorite people.

What confuses me is that The National Organization for Women, which is supposed to be for all women’s rights, are definitely not for every woman.

They certainly do not represent me. Since I am a woman, I am allowed to say that.

I do not consider myself to be a feminist, because feminism doesn’t mean what it was supposed to mean for women in this country.

For one thing, just because Sonia Sotomayor is a woman does not mean that I think that she needs to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

 It certainly does not change my mind about it just because she is Hispanic. It doesn’t make me racist either. I just think that a person should be hired for any job based on their previous job performance and based on their own merits. Which is a position that I thought anyone who is supposed to be for equality in the workforce would be for, not against. Quite frankly, if I was Sonia Sotomayor, I would be highly offended that people believed the only thing that got her where she is today is because she is Hispanic and she is female.

Once again, women are being judged by their anatomy, or lack thereof.

Sarah Palin. There are some women that hate her. There are a lot that love her. Even some love to hate her. If you don’t like her because of a political stance that she has, then that is much more admirable than to hate her because she doesn’t fit into her idea of what a feminist should act.

I can respect an argument against her because of a difference in opinions as far as policy is concerned. You may not like her because she is an avid hunter and she fishes. That is fine. I have a good friend that doesn’t like her because of the aerial hunting that she supports. I don’t know that much about Alaska and the hunting situation there, but I know that it is brutal territory and I am going to research that before I form an opinion about it.

If you don’t like her because she teaches abstinence and her daughter got pregnant as a teenager, then that is ridiculous. I don’t know about you, but I know that I would not want to be judged by my children’s actions. I certainly would not have wanted my parents to be judged by mine.

I don’t understand the problem with Sarah Palin choosing to have her son despite the fact that he has Down’s Syndrome. If she had chosen to have an abortion, then she would have been ok? If her daughter had not had her baby, then Sarah would have been ok? Again, it just sounds ridiculous to me that she is being judged by what her 17 year old daughter did or didn’t do.

 Let’s move on away from Sonia and Sarah and how one would advance the rights of women and one would apparently squash them.

It is ok to trample on the rights of others, just so long as you have the right to do anything? How can anyone claim to be for equality and trample on the rights of any group just because they don’t belong to your group? It is ok to take the rights away from one group so that you can advance your rights? One group I am discussing is unborn babies. I would bet that there are people that care more about the rights of unborn animals than they do about unborn human babies. Unborn babies die because women have somehow forgotten how to use birth control.

I can empathize with the woman that wants an abortion because she was forced into an act that created a life that she otherwise would not have created. It is more difficult for me to empathize with any woman that was just plain careless with her body and doesn’t want to deal with the consequences. I am pretty sure that most people know what causes pregnancy and most know how to prevent it. It is not that difficult to protect yourself and if you can’t remember to take a pill every day or to stop long enough to say ‘do you have a condom?’ then perhaps you need to consider not allowing yourself to be placed in the situation that could cause you to get pregnant in the first place. If you are not mature enough to do what has to be done, then you are obviously not mature enough to be having sex in the first place. Just don’t go there.

It is like I tell my 14 year old son—It is my job as his parent to not allow him to be placed in situations that could lead to compromising positions (no pun intended) until he is old enough to be able to resist the urge. Problem with that philosophy is that my husband hasn’t even reached that point yet. I will have to fine tune my reasoning behind not allowing my son to go anywhere that could be a potential temptation as he gets older. With all that said, I am merely expressing that I am for pro-responsibility. I want my to raise my children to be responsible—whether it is choosing abstinence (which is what I hope) or whether they choose to act responsibly by using protection (preferably a condom—because pregnancy is not the only thing to be worried about).

If that responsibility is thrust upon you literally by a man that doesn’t care whether you say no or not, then I believe that it is entirely one of those situations that fall under the health of the mother. Some women are just not strong enough to deal with having the responsibility of raising a baby that was conceived by force; however, some do. I believe that the health and well being of the mother includes psychological and physical.

I just think that the true feminist at the beginning of the feminist movement did not want to emasculate men and I do not believe that they wanted to be seen as cold hearted women that were men haters. I think that they truly set out to create equality where there wasn’t any.

Now, the feminist movement is more like a club for man-haters and misogynistic women.